Autistic Spectrum

Working with adults on the Autistic Spectrum is a 2-day course.

Course Aims:

  • An insight and awareness of the traits of people on the autistic spectrum
  • Acknowledging the possible strengths and weaknesses of individuals on the autistic spectrum
  • Strategies and realities of working with adults with autistic traits

Features and Learning Outcomes:

  • Assessing and understanding the individual needs and difficulties
  • Developing your own skills to work with those on the autistic spectrum
  • Managing behaviours
  • Assessments and providing individual treatment and support plans
  • Developing skills and improve wellbeing of the individual
  • Making the environment autistic friendly
  • Case Studies

Target Group:

  • This training is designed to provide education and understanding of working with adults on the autistic spectrum or with autistic traits.
  • Nurses, Support Workers, Social Workers, Occupational Therapists
  • Staff with no or limited knowledge of autism

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