Psychology Services

We provide the following services:


  • Psychology Expert Witness reports and testimony for Criminal proceedings
  • Prison & Criminal Law expert witnesses
  • Pre- and post- sentence reports
  • Recommendations for parole
  • Suitability for progression or release
  • Risk assessments
  • Lifer reviews
  • IPP panels
  • Parole hearings
  • Parenting assessment
  • Mental capacity and Fitness to Plead
  • IQ and cognitive functioning
  • Suggestibility and false confessions
  • Personality assessment (Psychopathy/ Personality Disorders)
  • Violent offending: Sexual Offending Domestic Violence
  • Anger and Emotion Management

Engi Psychology Ltd implements and delivers forensic services with evidence based scientific methods. We use this approach to identify client’s criminogenic needs and assess risk for violence, risk of spousal assault and risk of sexual recidivism. We also provide assessment of mental health problems including psychosis, personality disorder, traumatic stress, affective disorders and neurodevelopmental conditions such as specialist assessment of ADHD and Autistic Spectrum Disorders in adult individuals.


To assess our cases, we use a number of threat assessment tools which incorporate the evaluations of multiple sources of information to corroborate findings. We administer, interpret and write reports in the following areas:

  • Cognitive functioning (WAIS-IV)
  • Personality assessment: personality disorders and Psychopathy (IPDE; PCL-R, MCMI)
  • Violent offending (HCR-20, VRS)
  • Sexual offending (RSVP, SVR-20, SARN)
  • Domestic violence (SARA)
  • Suggestibility
  • Anger and emotional management
  • Malingering
  • Substance misuse (DAST, CAGE)
  • Attention deficit disorder (ADHD)
  • Protective factors against offending
  • Emotional intelligence (EQi 2:0)

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We provide a wide range of treatment programmes in both group settings and individual basis. These are cognitive behavioural and schema therapy based treatments, designed to assist with a range of problems such as personality disorders, anger management, deliberate self-harm, emotional management, substance use, offending behavior and violence.

Engi Psychology Ltd provides psychodynamic based treatments, including Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy which is effective in addressing self-destructive behaviours (e.g. risk -taking behaviours such as promiscuity, substance use, etc) and somatisation disorders. Engi Psychology Ltd also benefits from having a Systemic Therapy Practitioner who can provide family and couples therapy.

Our interventions aim to address a wide range of clinical problems such as:

  • Anger and emotion management
  • Assertiveness
  • Violence reduction
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Goal setting
  • Sex offender treatment
  • Victim empathy
  • Schema Therapy


We deliver and implement offending behavioural programs for rehabilitating criminal offenders within the criminal justice system. We offer anger management groups, healthy relationships groups, Sex Offenders Treatment Programmes and Resettlement and Motivational Programmes.


Engi Psychology Ltd offers NEUROFEEDBACK, also known as EEG BIOFEEDBACK or NEUROTHERAPY. Neurofeedback is an innovative technology which harnesses the brain’s Neuroplasticity – its ability to change itself – in order to bring about improvement in a variety of symptoms which can interfere with life satisfaction. Neurofeedback trains the brain to function at its maximum potential, improving attention, mood, learning ability and more.

It is a non-invasive brain-based technique with effective results for a multitude of symptoms such as:

  • Sleep Disorders
  • Stress
  • Insomnia and sleep disorders
  • Energy problems
  • Concentration
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • conduct disorder
  • Addiction
  • specific learning disabilities or ADHD
  • Cognitive dysfunction
  • PTSD

Neurofeedback, a form of biofeedback, begins with measuring electrical activity in the brain via a non-invasive EEG. We will analyse that information and program a training goal into a computer, which will then run a video game for the participant to play. The goal of the game might be for the brain to speed up, in the case of someone who is depressed, or to operate more slowly, if the person suffers from anxiety.

In this way the brain learns how to more easily and more frequently operate at a more desirable level. When that occurs, many bothersome symptoms caused by the formerly dysregulated brain dissipate.

Changes in the EEG due to feedback tend to correlate with improved behavior, mood and attention. Additionally, these changes often result in reduced reliance on medications or allow medications that weren’t working well to work better.

For example:

  • Depression often shows up in brain imaging studies as too little activation in the left frontal lobe. By encouraging more activity over that area, depressive symptoms often decline.
  • Problems falling asleep can often be improved by training for calmness over the right hemisphere’s central motor strip.


We design and deliver bespoke training events and workshops in specific areas or forensic psychology and provide a consultancy service to both public and private sector organisations.

For further information regarding the services offered by Engi Psychology Ltd please contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.