Dr Sonia Borghino MSc, AFBPsS

Registered and Chartered Forensic Psychologist

Dr Borghino is the Director of Engi Psychology Ltd. She has over 16 years’ experience of working across a variety of forensic settings including prisons, probation, police, medium and low security forensic mental health settings; specialising in forensic psychology and criminology. She is registered with the Health and Care Professional Council, a Chartered Psychologist and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society and a member of the Division of Forensic Psychology. She is also a member of the International Society of Schema Therapy (ISST) and an Honorary Lecturer at The University of Kent for the MSc in Forensic Psychology.

Dr Borghino is qualified risk assessment specialist and has extensive experience in the assessment, treatment and management of life sentenced prisoners, sex offenders, violent offenders and individuals who present with severe personality disorders and complex mental health difficulties.

Dr Borghino has designed, delivered and successfully implemented offending behavioural programs for rehabilitating criminal offenders within the UK criminal justice system and has carried out research in the area of Offender Profiling in Vancouver, Canada.

Dr Borghino has had Neurofeedback training from the Brain Training and Holistic Cognitive Therapy Center in Florida. Neurofeedback is a non-invasive and innovative brain-based technique with effective results for a multitude of symptoms. It trains the brain to function at its maximum potential, improving attention, mood, learning ability and more. It harnesses the brain’s Neuroplasticity – its ability to change itself – in order to bring about improvement in a variety of symptoms which can interfere with life satisfaction.

Dr Borghino has experience in treating individuals with mental health problems, personality disorders, obsessive thoughts, anxiety, depression, insomnia,  sleep disorders, energy problems, concentration, conduct disorder, specific learning disabilities or ADHD, cognitive dysfunction, PTSD and  anger problems.

Dr Borghino is serving as an expert witness and testimony in criminal cases instructed by defence solicitors. She is regularly instructed to carry out risk assessments for the Court and the Parole Board in areas of risk of violence, domestic violence and abuse, personality disorders, sexualised behaviours and offending. She takes referrals from institutions and private clients and instructions directly from Solicitors, Courts and Expert Witness agencies.

Gillian Merrill MSc AFBPsS CSci

Registered and Chartered Forensic Psychologist

Gill is a Consultant Forensic Psychologist. Prior to becoming a Psychologist she served ten years with a UK Police Force and worked for the Prison Service both within the Education and Psychology Departments.

Gill carries out Psychological Risk Assessment Reports for the purpose of Court and Parole Hearings and bespoke Psychological Reports on aspects of Forensic Psychology. Gill also works both in the community and within medium secure units, with adults with a forensic history who have intellectual disabilities, mental health issues and personality disorders. Her particular area of expertise is with adults who are on the Autistic Spectrum/Asperger’s Syndrome preparing risk assessments and therapeutic intervention.

Gill is trained and a trainer in numerous risk assessments: HCR-20 V3, RSVP, SARA. She has worked alongside Professor Stephen Hart – Simon Fraser University with regards to risk assessments and training, both in the UK and Canada. Gill also provides training for professionals working with adults who are diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, Learning Difficulties and Personality Disorders.