Personality Disorders

Working with Personality Disorder is a 2-day course delivered by experienced Chartered Forensic Psychologists.

What do we actually do? Formulation and Consultation – A Schema Focused Approach

Course Aims:

  • Theory of personality and personality disorder.
  • Working with PD
  • Strategies for responding to people diagnosed with personality disorder.
  • The need for a Psychological Informed Environment
  • Formulation based approach. What is good formulation?
  • Use schema informed formulation practice
  • The 5 p’s
  • The relevance of the schema approach with people with complex needs
  • What is schema therapy? Early maladaptive schemas (EMS)
  • Case studies
  • Everything into practice
  • Care plans
  • Case consultation

Understanding and treatment interventions:

  • Linking Care Plans to effective treatment outcome.
  • Evidence-based practice.

What this course will do for you:

  • Provide an understanding of personality disorder.
  • It will equip you with crucial skills necessary to working with people with personality disorder,
  • You will learn how to manage clients’ challenging behaviour

What you receive as a result of attending the course:

CPD event – All delegates receive a certificate confirming attendance

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