Angela Elizabeth Phillips

Consultant Forensic Psychologist

MAREBT, MATSA, EuroPsy, MBPsS, MSc., BSc.(Hons) Pg.Dips PTSD (USA), Law LPC/CPE. AEI Affiliation  

I am a clinically trained HCPC UK registered Forensic Psychologist and European registered Psychologist. Inter alia I have worked for the Probation Service, in low and medium secure Psychiatric Hospitals and I also undertake expert witness work in criminal and family law cases.

I work as a Forensic Psychologist and Advanced Behaviour Practitioner in the field of mental health. Trained to diagnosis level, I have experience and skill in the management of personality disorders, in particular the new paradigm for BPD and specific clinical training in the identification and therapeutic intervention of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), having studied at the National Centre for Veteran Affairs, Palo Alto California.

Trained in various therapies including approaches in DBT, CBT and REBT, I am able to advise as to the relevance of such therapies to individual case circumstance. I have received training (‘Working with Sex Offenders’) and I am a member of ATSA and I attend specific training in the USA particularly with regard to prevention, management and recidivism.

Working therapeutically with forensic patients, I have received specific skill training in risk assessment, including Psychopathy, Risk of Violence and Sexual Recidivism risk; balancing management of current and future risk with protective factors.

ingResearch indicates that neurofeedback can improve our cognitive performance.  We have used neurofeedback extensively in clinical setting and evaluated the intervention which has demonstrated effectiveness with various symptoms including Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Obsessive thinking and more. Our Psychologists  have observed that Neurofeedback also impact  on self regulation, attention and memory impacting on daily functioning. Neurofeedback is lambic system therapy  which optimises brain  functions whilst calling down the central nervous system so you can perform at your best.

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